About Technical Colleges in Lagos State

The establishment of more industries in the State, the demand for production of technicians and craftsmen led to the establishment of more technical colleges.

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Prime Mover of Techncal Education in Lagos State), Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and the Lagos State Ministry of Education, became aware of the need for a technical College in Lagos State, hence the establishment of Industrial Man Power Development Centre, now Government Technical College, Odomola in 1984.

This was follwed by the others in 1985 at Ado-Soba and Ikotun, and two others in 1986 at Ikorodu and Agidingbi (formerly in Lagos Island).

The main purpose of the colleges is to produce Craftsmen and technicians in manufacturing, building and engineering trades as well as business and distributive trade areas, with a view to generating a pool of indigenous trained man power sufficient to meet the needs of the economy.


Aims and Objectives of The Colleges

  1. To provide courses of instructions and training which will hitherto produce trained manpower in Engineering, Manufacturing, Building, Businesses and Distributive Fields of Study and to ensure that all subjects taught are oriented towards immediate employment and are relevant to the need of the economy.
  2. To provide people who can apply scientific knowledge to the improvement and solution of environmental problems for the use and convenience of man.
  3. To give training and impart the necessary skills leading to th production of craftsmen and technicians and other skilled personnel who will be enterprising and self-reliant.
  4. To enable our young men and women to have an intelligent understanding of increasing complexity of technology which will encourage individual initiatives, collective scientific creativity nd invention capable of producing students that may develop a respect for, and excitement in the discovery of truth.
  5. To serve as a resource avenue for Technical Educationists, Industrial Trainers and Educators, and also to provide research facilities for the study of technical crafts.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the colleges intend to address themselves to the following five issues considered as TOTAL EDUCATION in educational issues of today:

Intellectual Development through teaching and learning in the classrooms and laboratory.

Moral Development through teaching and using teacher's and instructor's model as examples.

Physical Development through sporting activity as the colleges believe that a sound mind is always housed in a healthy body.

Vocational Development through the combination of the use hand and brain in practical tasks in the workshop.

Social Development through intereaction with students, playmates, instructors, club members within and outside the Colleges.

News & Events

November 14, 2014
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February 12, 2014
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Enterprise Day - JULY 23

The launch of Lagos Enterprise Day is the first in the series of innovative policies which the government have pioneered in the country. It now does not matter which day of the week it falls into, Enterprise Day in Lagos State comes up every July 23.


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